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Silicone Sealants&Pottings
Silicones can performance stably at high temperatures or radiation damage, and maintain its flexibility at very low temperatures, therefore, it can service at a wide range of temperature as a kind of stable and reliable insulation、sealant or potting. WELBOND can provide a full range of RTV silicone products, including RTV1 or RTV2 sealants、pottings、thermal materials,etc.
Epoxy adhesives&pottings
Epoxy,the maximum production resin,has good adhesion and low shrinkage,and been widely used. WELBOND has launched a series of structural adhesives and potting with high-performances to meet customers different demands about curing speed、strength、heat resistance、transparent and thermal conductivity,etc.
Polyurethane Pottings
PU potting compounds has a certain flexibility, with excellent adhesion to many substrates such as metal、ceramic and is suitable for use in applications where parts been potted are large or where thermal shock ability is very important.WELBOND can provide series products with different hardness、fire retardant and thermal conductivity.
Thermal conductive silicone grease
High thermal conductivity,high electric insulation,easy to use.
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