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Silicone Sealants&Pottings
One-Component Silicone Deoxime Type Click to view product details >>
Model Features Typical uses
2100T Flowing\transparent\coating\adhesive PCB coating
2101T Flowing\transparent\ potting\adhesive PCB's  protective covering, LED module encapsulating
2102T Flowing\transparent\adhesive\sealant Same as 2101,high viscosity type of 2101
2103 Semi-flowing\adhesive\sealant\red Stream iron, high temperature air filter, high temperature pipe, etc.
2105 Heat resistance\thixotropy\ adhesive\sealant\red High temperature air filter, high temperature pipe, etc
2106T/B/W Thixotropic\good adhesive\transparent\black\white Adhesive\sealing for electronic components,and most of metal and plastic.
2108W Thixotropic\high strength\ black High-strength adhesive for wear-resisting ceramics piece, as well as carriage steel.
Note: T-Transparent,B-Black,W-White
Packing: 50ml/support, 100support/Box; 100ml/support, 100support/Box.
310ml/support, 25support/Box; 55gallons / barrel.
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